Apart from the undergraduate programme that the department runs in conjunction with other departments in the faculty, the department runs specialized postgraduate programmes. These include the: Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management; and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management.

The postgraduate programmes, which are based on didactic and clinical training emphasizing drug-therapy in patients, will produce competent clinical pharmacists. Areas of specialization may include:

  1. Pharmaceutical services e.g. drug information services
  2. Pharmacotherapy of various units e.g. oncology, cardiovascular, neurology,
  3. Ambulatory care/adult medicine
  4. Clinical pharmacokinetics/biopharmaceutics
  5. Pharmaceutical care
  6. Social pharmacy/ behavioral pharmacy.
  7. Pediatric pharmacy
  8. Hematology
  9. Pharmacy practice management
  10. Infectious diseases
  11. Public health pharmacy
  12. Pharmacoeconomics
  13. Pharmacoepidemiology


Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)

The degree of M.Pharm will be prosecuted through course work, seminar presentation, clinical clerkship and project. Course work, seminar presentation and clinical clerkship (residency) will contribute 2/3 of the total unit load. The research work will be presented in a project to be examined in written and oral defence.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

Awards of the Ph.D will be based on:

  1. Course work
  2. Comprehensive research to be embodied in a thesis,
  3. Seminars and workshops from the department and School
  4. The Ph.D degree will be awarded to a candidate only after a successful oral defense of his/her thesis before a panel of examiners.



  1. Pass all the courses and residency (Clerkship) prescribed.
  2. Carryout a research relevant to the area of specialization and submit an acceptable dissertation/ project which will be examined orally.
  • A student shall present seminars before the award of the degree, one of which shall be at the Faculty level before the award of the degree.
  1. Student must attend the number of prescribed workshops/global lectures by SPGS.


  1. Students enrolling for the PhD program are required to complete at least 30 credit units of course work alongside the dissertation submission.
  2. Carry out a comprehensive research relevant to the area of specialization and submit an acceptable thesis
  • A student shall present three seminars one of which shall be at the Faculty level before the award of the degree
  1. Student must have attended the two mandatory SPGS global workshop
  2. A student shall have at least two publications one of which should be from his/her Masters’ research work and/or part of his/her Ph.D research work before the award of the degree.
  3. Student teaching: Teaching experience is considered an integral part of the training of graduate students especially PhD students. As part of the general requirements for the PhD degree, each student is required to participate in the teaching program of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy



  1. Full-Time: minimum of 3 semesters and maximum of 6 semesters
  2. Part-time: minimum of 4 semesters and maximum of 8 semesters


  1. Full-time: minimum of 6 semesters and maximum of 10 semesters
  2. Part-time: minimum of 8 semesters and maximum of 12 semesters