Pharmacognosy & Environmental Medicines – Programme

Programme Structure/Mode of Study

The programme is designed to give an understanding of the basic principles and in depth studies of various aspects of Pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical separation processes, drug evaluation and quality control as well as Phytochemistry as they relate to the course. All students are expected to participate in field trips and occasional excursions. Students may require supplementing the fund for these tours – field trips and excursions.
The Doctor of Philosophy students should pursue the degree through coursework and the award of Ph.D degree will be based mainly on comprehensive research to be embodied in a Thesis. The candidates for Ph.D Programme are to carry a total of thirty credit units comprising; Thesis of twelve units, Research Grant Writing, Synopsis Writing, Seminars as well as elective courses. The Seminars comprise the use of ICT in Research Grant Writing, Ph.D Proposal and Final Seminar and Synopsis Writing. Course details are shown below. The areas available for specialization includes: Phytochemistry: Biomedicinal chemistry: Ethnobotany; phytopharmacology, Drug evaluation and Quality control.

Entry Requirement

Graduates of University of Nigeria or other recognized Universities with Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy degree in Pharmacognosy or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Botany or related courses and Master of Science in Pharmacognosy with a CGPA of at least 4.0 on a 5 point scale (60 % in a percentage weighting); 3.0 on a 4 point scale or their equivalent, will be eligible for admission to a PhD programme in the Department of Pharmacognosy and Environmental Medicines.

Duration of Programme

(i) Master’s/Ph.D Programme

Full – time: A minimum of 8 Semesters
A maximum of 12 Semesters

Part – time: A minimum of 10 Semesters
A Maximum of 14 Semesters
(ii) Doctoral (Ph.D) Programme

Full – time: A minimum of 6 Semesters
A maximum of 10 Semesters

Part – time: A minimum of 8 Semesters
A Maximum of 12 Semesters

Job Opportunities
Students graduating from the department, having attained sufficient theoretical and practical skill may choose career in teaching and/or research in Universities, Research institutions, Civil service or Pharmaceutical industries.