Pharmacognosy & Environmental Medicines – News & Events

With the volume of research currently going on in the Department the future is quite bright for growth and development. The University Administration under the leadership of Prof. Barth. Okolo allotted twenty (20) hectares of land to the Department to be developed to Medicinal Plant Garden.  The incumbent Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Benjamin Ozumba has pioneered the procurement of seedlings of Medicinal Plants and Nuttraceuticals as well as initiated the fencing of the garden.  Other infrastructures are yet to be implemented.  The benefits expected from this project are:

  • Quality knowledge transfer through proper presentation of the Plants
  • Saving costs and risk associated with our yearly visit to other centres having Medicinal plant garden outfit
  • Increasing the Faculty and University visibility through research and production
  • Upholding the requirements for accreditation re-accreditation of the Faculty by the National University Commission (NUC) and Pharmaceutical Couuncil of Nigeria (PCN)


          Research activities focus on the following aspects:

  1. Phytochemistry
  2. Phytomedicine
  • Ethnomedicine and ethnobotany
  1. Formulation of herbal remedies into dosage forms
  2. Medicinal Plant Ecology
  3. Crude Drug Taxonomy