Pharmaceutics – Objective

The objectives of the programme are primarily to help students understand the specific subject areas within the discipline. These include Pharmaceutics (the formulation, quality control, standardization and design of dosage forms, etc), compounding (the preparation of medicines), Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology (the prevention and elimination of micro-organisms that are deleterious to humans, animals and pharmaceutical products), Dispensing (the supply of medicines to patients), Pharmacy Practice (the distribution, sale of safe and efficient drugs, control of drug products and counseling of patients and prescribers on the rational use of drugs). The outlined subjects are designed to increase literary ability, intellectual and professional competencies needed for satisfactory job positions in the following areas:

  1. Drug Research, Development and Production in Industry
  2. Research and Development in Research Institutes
  3. Teaching and Research in Tertiary Educational Institutions
  4. Food and Drug Regulatory Agencies
  5. Hospitals