Pharmaceutical Technology – History

I. About the Department

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy is one of the six departments that make up the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The Department handles undergraduate and post graduate courses in unit operations, disperse systems, drug delivery systems viz solid, liquid, semi-solid and parenteral dosage forms. Various drug delivery science and technology systems, pilot scale up, industrial pharmacy, powder and tablet technology, pharmaceutical raw materials development, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics and drug testing and evaluations are also studied. Our research areas include: Tablet and powder technology, novel drug delivery systems (sustained release SR, colon targeted drug delivery systems,development and functionality testing of pharmaceutical excipients, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical aerosols, pharmaceutical testing, equipment design and fabrication etc.). The department is committed to developing, students capable of critical thinking, life-long learning, and ethical decision making. As a very vital component of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the department is committed to training students who would be competent managers and operators in the pharmaceutical industry, and students who possess the ability to care for their patients in a professional and comprehensive manner. In doing so, the department aims to develop honest, devoted pharmacists who strive to make a difference in the industry, in the hospital, in the community that they serve and in the lives of patients. The Department runs masters and doctoral programs in tablet technology, powder technology, disperse systems and semi-solids, lipid based drug delivery systems, controlled release drug delivery systems, phytopharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, powder compaction e.t.c
The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy has a total of twelve academic staff of ranks ranging from Lecturer II to Professor. The staff are distributed as follows: Four professors, two Senior Lecturers, two Lecturer Is and four lecturer IIs. Our staffs possess varied backgrounds that operate in a team manner to provide comprehensiveservices to staff and students.