Objectives and Philosophy


One of the main objectives of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management is to train, in collaboration with other departments in the Faculty, students at the undergraduate level to become Pharmacists that can compete with their peers from other institutions in Nigeria and abroad. At the postgraduate level, the objectives of this department are to produce clinical Pharmacists who are able to:

  1. Serve as academic clinical pharmacy staff;
  2. Design, develop, implement and monitor therapeutic plan that will produce specific therapeutic outcome;
  3. Apply bioavailability and pharmacokinetic principles in patient monitoring;
  4. Assess and treat self-limiting diseases including handling cases of accidental poisoning;
  5. Evaluate adequate publications in the literature to provide appropriate drug information services;
  6. Function as Directors of Pharmaceutical services in health facilities;
  7. Conduct clinical research including clinical trials, clinical protocols and pharmacoeconomic evaluations;
  8. Meet the ever-increasing challenges of professional practice in a rapidly changing environment


The introduction of Clinical Pharmacy education and practice has expanded the roles of Pharmacy in the modern health care delivery system worldwide. This has resulted in an evolving paradigm shift to a more expanded and team based clinical role of providing patient-centered medication therapy management, health improvement and disease prevention services. Clinical Pharmacy seeks to improve public health through ensuring safe, effective and appropriate use of medications. The focus will be on original research in various areas of drug therapy that will contribute to new knowledge in patient care. It also seeks to produce highly skilled and competent Pharmacists with in-depth knowledge of clinical research in health care delivery systems, pharmaceutical institutions and research centres.

Core Values

Excellence, Integrity, Oneness