Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry

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The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was one of the pioneer disciplines of Pharmacy when the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka took off in 1967 as a Department in the Faculty of Sciences. However, due to the Nigeria civil war, it did not function until 1970 when it became part of the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

When the Department of Pharmacy became a Faculty in 1980, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was one the Departments in the new Faculty. The Faculty was named Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences with Professor P. I. Akubue being the pioneer Dean.

In 1989 (1988/1989 academic session), the Pharmacy programme that leads to the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) was changed from classified B. Pharm degree to a declassified B. Pharm degree. It is a 5-year programme from its inception.

The Departments is being headed by the Head of Department who coordinates all academic and administrative activities at the Departmental level. Below are they information regarding the administration of the Department.

                                                     Medicinal Chemistry

Chemistry is central to the science of Pharmacy. Absolutely everything about a drug, from its synthesis and determination of purity, to its molecular interaction with a receptor, and finally its metabolism, requires a detailed understanding of chemical reactivity and how chemical structure influences pharmaceutical activity. Therefore, a good understanding of chemistry will allow the study of more advanced topics such as drug design and novel drug delivery, subjects which occur in depth throughout the course.